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Kirton McConkie's immigration attorneys handle the full-spectrum of immigration matters from employment-based immigration to family-based immigration.

We work with employers trying to supply worker visas and stay in compliance with immigration requirements and we work with individuals and families for non-immigrant and immigrant visas, naturalization and U.S. citizenship. Our attorneys also assist with administrative and federal judicial reviews.

Our Immigration group is one of 50 in the nation specializing in Religious Worker Visas.

Each attorney in this group has served as the chairperson for the Utah chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) as well as national leadership roles in the immigration field and many regularly lecture on the nuances of immigration law for the Utah State Bar, the Utah Chamber of Commerce, law schools and other organizations. Our attorneys also advise the Utah State Legislature regarding immigration issues and are legal counsel to International Consulates throughout the U.S.

The attorneys in this group are fluent in multiple languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, German, Polish and Russian.

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