"The individuals I work with are knowledgeable and efficient in every way. They are also very quick to respond to my inquiries."

~Real estate client

“When we created the concept of modular computing, we knew we had a brilliant idea. We also knew we had to protect that idea, which is why we teamed with Kirton McConkie. They know technology, patents and international markets better than anyone we found, nationwide.” 

~Jason Sullivan, Founder & CEO, Xi3 Corporation

“For the Xi3 ModularTM Computer, we needed to have a trusted relationship with our attorneys. With Kirton McConkie, we found a great fit right from the beginning and a lot more. They’re true business partners that brought great value to our company.” 

 ~Aaron Rowsell, COO, Xi3 Corporation

“We are so appreciative for the finesse and expertise you put forth to negotiate the settlement last Friday that provided the inheritance share my grandfather specified in his will. You did us a great service and we feel gratitude that this phase is over. I'll need your help working through the second phase. My cousin felt confident from the beginning you would be able to help me through this trust issue. She is a strong judge of character. Thanks again, Thomas, for all you have done.”

~Tax & Estate Planning client

"In recognition of your exemplary legal services, I wanted to award you this bonus payment, your remarkable skill, diligence and hard work in bringing the savings sharing matter to a successful conclusion is most appreciated by the Company, and should be rewarded."

~Healthcare Litigation client

"You may have heard that my father recently had a terrible accident and broke his neck.  I mention this because, at one point in this ordeal, when dad was in shock trauma ICU, he mentioned you by name and asked if I had spoken to you about his situation.  I said, "No, Dad, you're not dead yet."  I just thought you might like to know how highly my dad thinks of you and what a trusted resource you are to the family."

~Trust and estate planning client

“Kirton McConkie’s Intellectual Property attorneys helped protect the market exclusivity of our innovative products using our patents. They are an important part of our team and our success.”

~Dr. Clark Turner, President & CEO, Aribex