Boundary and title disputes at best are very unpleasant and worse, very hostile. Should a real estate transaction in which you are involved have a boundary or title dispute, immediately seek legal assistance before costs and emotions spiral out of control.

Our real estate lawyers have significant experience working through issues related to boundaries, title and property rights. We work with clients to resolve real property issues when ownership lines are blurred, in cases of adverse possession, from divorce or family transfers, disputes with oral (parol) agreements, from obstructions or hindrances (estoppel) to property rights or when a property owner dies without a valid will (intestate).

Such disputes can occur from flawed deeds, unmarked boundary lines, unwritten title transfer or from previous owners who did not raise any objection to a property infringement. Easements, when not properly documented or adhered to, can also turn into a contentious issue between the property owner and the business or individual who needs access over the property.

Kirton McConkie real estate lawyers have the experience to resolve boundary and title disputes with the best interests of the client in mind, whether it be through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or when necessary, going to court.

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