Steve Andersen is a trial lawyer who represents both plaintiffs and defendants in their most important litigation. He has tried, to final verdict, cases in Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Florida. He has been lead counsel in more than 100 jury trials. He has litigated cases throughout the United States and achieved remarkable results. He has twice obtained verdicts and subsequent settlements in excess of $125 million. Steve was lead counsel in the longest jury trial in Idaho history, a product liability case where the clients obtained their full damages of $17.8 million.

Steve’s particular expertise on the plaintiff side is agricultural claims, product liability (tire defects, seat belt design, food contamination, medical devices, industrial products, and pharmaceuticals), FIFRA misbranding, premises liability, lender liability, federal tort claims, insurance bad faith, dram shop, business torts, etc.

Steve is also a defense attorney. He has represented clients at trial in partnership dissolutions, defense of patent infringement claims, product defect cases, royalty disputes, professional liability, and engineering and construction disputes.


Illustrative Plaintiff Cases

  • Lead trial counsel for international farm conglomerates who alleged crop and soil damage from a recalled fungicide. Achieved a $56-million jury verdict.
  • Lead trial counsel for Idaho potato and beet growers who alleged a mass tort of crop and property damage from herbicide drift. Achieved a $17.8-million jury verdict. The trial was the longest jury trial in Idaho history and the verdict covered only four plaintiffs. Their verdict set the precedent for over 100 other claims, all of which successfully settled post trial in an aggregate settlement.
  • Lead trial counsel for an injured driver who alleged construction failure of a road. Achieved a $7.8 million court verdict under the federal Tort Claims Act, which was affirmed on appeal.
  • Lead trial counsel for multiple injured parties due to unsafe public event. Achieved liability verdict in bifurcated cases which allowed settlement of multiple party claims against multiple defendants determined by the jury to be liable.
  • Lead trial counsel for Dram Shop case alleging overselling of alcohol and resultant multiple wrongful death claim. Achieved multimillion-dollar jury verdict and punitive damages awarded.
  • Lead trial counsel on wrongful death claim involving unique mishandling of heavy equipment. Achieved $2.4 million outcome.
  • In the last 24 months, Steve has had the following outcomes, both verdicts and settlements, expressed in millions: $2.5 personal injury, $3.0 personal injury, $5.8 professional liability, $4.75 professional liability, $1.75 lost business profits, $1.25 insurance bad faith, $2.25 personal injury.

    As lead counsel, he also obtained Idaho's largest federal tort claim verdict of $7.8 million, the state’s largest food contamination settlement of $7.5 million, lost profits recovery of $10.1 million from a failed networking system. He has achieved many dozens of verdicts achieved as lead counsel. 

Other jury verdicts:

  • $7,8 million
  • $1.2 million
  • $1.5 million
  • $7.2 million
  • $4.8 million
  • $1.3 million
  • $1.5 million
  • $1.7 million

  • $2 million

  • $3.4 million

  • $3.1 million

  • $1.1 million

  • $6.2 million

  • $2.3 million

  • $1.3 million

  • $3.2 million

  • $1.3 million

  • $2 million

In his career, Steve has recovered, in cash, for his clients approximately $256 million.

Defense Cases

Steve has defended commercial anti-trust, intellectual property, lender liability, construction royalty, and employment cases. He was lead defense counsel in a federal class action horizontal price fixing case based on alleged supply restriction of potatoes. The case was brought by numerous national plaintiffs' antitrust firms and threatened the entire Idaho potato industry, seeking damages of over $2 billion before trebling. After years of discovery and opposition to class certification, the case settled for nominal damages.

Recent verdicts include:

  • Defense jury verdict – multimillion-dollar claim for royalties and treble damages for alleged willful infringement of agricultural chemical patent. Tried on Idaho Federal Court.
  • Defense jury verdict – multimillion-dollar claim for business interference and recovery of counterclaim for violations of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by internet services companies. Tried in Idaho Federal Court.
  • Defense jury verdict – multimillion-dollar claim for damages and business interference due to aircraft failure. Tried in Idaho state court.
  • Defense court verdict – claims for damages arising from dissolution of professional partnership. Tried in Idaho state court.
  • Defense jury verdict – multimillion-dollar claim for patent infringement and disputed inventorship of patented smoke protection device. Tried in Idaho state court.
  • Defense court verdict – multimillion-dollar claim for patent infringement, and inequitable conduct and recovery of counterclaim for unpaid royalties from agricultural chemical usage. Tried in Idaho Federal Court.
  • Defense court verdict – multimillion-dollar Lanham Act claim and request for permanent injunction over disputed sonar technology.

Appellate Work

Steve has argued many cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the highest courts of the states where these cases were tried, including Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Florida.

News & Events

Publications & Presentations

Steve has lectured statewide on topics of trial preparation and advocacy, and has published materials and articles on legal ethics, discovery techniques, and trials.

Representative samples:

  • How to Prepare for, Take, and Use a Deposition (James Publishing, 2nd Ed.)
  • The Realities of Expert Witness Reports (published materials) – U.S. Courts Conference, District of Idaho, 2009
  • Voir Dire – New Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century (published materials) – U.S. Courts Conference, District of Idaho, 2010
  • The Electronic Medium – Effective Evidence Presentation (published materials) – U.S. Courts Conference, District of Idaho
  • Success in the Courtroom – Tri-State Federal Bar Conference
  • Over Aggression – The Ethical and Legal Implications (published materials) - Idaho Law Foundation
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