About Us

The firm has  significant  experience in a breadth of practice areas and industries and is prepared to provide full service to clients.

Broad Experience for a Dynamic Marketplace

Our experience is as deep as it is broad. It means we can flex with the changing dynamics of the marketplace—your marketplace. The benefit to you, regardless of your company’s size or the business challenge at hand, is that we can shape your legal team with the right people, at the right time, based on your stage of development or legal needs.

Growing and declining business environments each present issues and opportunities. By truly understanding the prevailing climate, our attorneys add business value to their legal advice by solving immediate problems and positioning clients for the future.

Transforming complexity into action

One of our firm’s most distinguishing characteristics is how our attorneys translate complexity and transform it into actionable information for our clients. Insights, explanations and perspective help clients take quicker, wiser and more confident action. Whether it’s corporate or real estate transactions, commercial litigation, intellectual property protection, employment concerns or tax planning, we have the knowledge base to guide clients through a rapidly evolving business landscape.

As the largest law firm in Utah, we represent a depth of collective knowledge and skills, clients desire. We also know, for the most part, clients tend to hire individual lawyers they have heard about, who have been referred to them or who they already know. We know it is true because it happens for us all the time. Many of our new clients come from referrals. To us, this is the highest form of recognition for the work and service we provide as lawyers and as a law firm.

Responding to client expectations

Exceptional legal skills are merely the price of admission to be selected as a client’s law firm. How well the attorneys apply and deliver the information, advice or strategy is what really makes the difference in client satisfaction. Our attorneys favor a practical application of the law and legal perspectives that fit your business context and we provide the right degree of analysis to resolve the concern at hand.

In addition to high caliber legal counsel, we have a cost-conscious attitude to give clients a deep level of legal and business thinking without breaking their legal budgets. With extensive subject matter and industry sector experience, our fees are not exaggerated due to learning curves and we can respond sooner to the particular, often unique, issues your business confronts.

Driven by intense pressure to manage legal costs, many clients rely on our attorneys for their day-to-day legal needs. Large and medium-sized companies have chosen to integrate our attorneys into their businesses rather than employ their own in-house counsel. This forms a personal ongoing relationship and reliance with a lead attorney while creating access to other firm lawyers with a wide range of legal expertise.

Kirton McConkie provides excellent service in helping clients solve problems, achieve results and realize opportunities.